Marine Workers & Boilermakers Industrial Union Local No. 1
Membership Meeting

Thursday, September 3, 2020 @ 5:00 p.m

Maritime Labour Centre
111 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Downstairs Conference Room
Agenda: Audited Financial Statements, Election of Financial Trustee and General Business Meeting

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Prospective Members

When a demand is made upon the Union to supply workers on a temporary basis, in excess of the numbers normally required to meet the Union’s contracts, it shall be the prerogative of the Union to dispatch workers as prospective members. Those so dispatched shall pay an amount equal to regular monthly dues and assessments for the period they are temporarily under the jurisdiction of the Union. Should a prospective member be employed and pay dues for a minimum period of three months (and cleared probation), he/she may be inducted into full membership upon payment of the initiation fee.